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Bachelor of Arts Completion Program in Public Health

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Health (formerly the BA in Health Sciences) prepares students through classroom instruction and practical experiences to apply core principles of public health education within a variety of community settings and to advance the public health profession. The program values professional and academic integrity and ethics, collegiality, engagement with the community, social justice in health, and responsiveness and innovation in its pursuit of fostering the achievement of the highest possible standards of health and well-being.

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program is designed to prepare scholar-practitioners with knowledge and skills in the core concepts of public health including health behavior, research and statistics in health, environmental health, epidemiology, and global health, as well as in the conduct of community and public health assessment.

The curriculum adopts an interdisciplinary focus and includes the development of tailored skills through the successful completion of the major courses, and experiential learning through the community-based practicum.

The degree will prepare students who are interested in pursuing health-related careers in population health in the areas of health promotion, program delivery, health communication, community health assessment, and behavior change for entry-level to mid-level positions in service and research in health departments, public health agencies, community-based organizations, outreach education programs, hospitals, private health organizations, and corporate wellness settings.

Nurses with an ADN degree have a unique opportunity to complete their bachelor's degree in Public Health and receive priority consideration in applying for the Master of Nursing program offered by the University of California, San Francisco. Please see the 'ADN to MSN Pathway Program" link on the right side for details.

In addition, the program has launched a new initiative to facilitate students’ transition from the BA Public Health degree to the Master of Public Health (MPH) or Master of Science - Physician Assistant Studies (MSPAS) at Touro University California. Pathway participants learn ways to enhance their academic credentials and the likelihood of admissions to Touro University. Pathway students complete their undergraduate degree in 18-24 months at JFK University and are then eligible to apply as Pathway students for admissions to the MPH program at Touro University California.

Qualified students in the BA Public Health program can apply graduate-level units toward both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree either in Sport Psychology, Health Education, or Business Administration (MBA).

Program Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Public Health program, the students will be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes.


  • Illustrate the contributions of a number of disciplines and professions in improving the health of the public, and articulate the importance and influence of social and cultural factors and their effects on the health of the public.
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize information from various contexts in the field of public health, and explain how public health can utilize social and behavior interventions to improve the health of populations and the environment.


  • Elaborate how individual and social accountability including civic responsibility and ethical reasoning apply to the health of populations and the health of the environment.


  • Use appropriate scientific inquiry skills and communication strategies to conduct ethical research on public health concerns.
  • Demonstrate proficient reasoning and critical thinking including the ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate public health data to influence research, practice, and policy.


Students must complete 180 quarter units to receive the Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Sciences. The 180 units includes the Lower-Division General Education units required prior to admission. Students lacking these courses may take approved upper-division courses at JFK University, earn credit through CLEP or DANTES tests, or take approved courses from local community colleges.

Lower Division General Education Breadth Requirements (45 units)
COMPOSITION / Critical Thinking and Writing (9 units)
HUMANITIES - Must have completed at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)
NATURAL SCIENCE - Must have at least one 3-unit course in Biology with a lab and at least one additional 3-unit natural science course with a lab (9 units)
SOCIAL SCIENCE -  Must have at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12)

Core Requirements (10 units)
Introduction to the Bachelor of Arts program (0 units)
Information Literacy (2 units)
Critical Thinking and Writing (4 units)
Statistics for the Social Sciences (4 units)

Major Courses  (67 Upper Division Units)
Bioethics: Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine
Culture, Illness and Healing
Environment, Sustainability, and Health
Health Behavior, Health Promotion, and
Health Education
Introduction to Global Health
Introduction to Media Studies in Health Promotion
Introduction to Public Health Sciences
Nutrition in Changing Society
Pathophysiology in Public Health
Practicum in Public Health (3)
Principles of Epidemiology
Public Health Management and Leadership
Public Health Senior Seminar (3)
Race, Class, Gender and Health Disparities
Research & Writing in Public Health
Vulnerable Populations: Health and Social Justice
Capstone project: Community Health Assessment (5)