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HSC4312 Women and Integral Health

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Many of the health issues facing us today have more to do with behavior than pathology.  As the demands of work and family increase, we take less time to take care of ourselves and our health inevitably suffers.  We may not get sufficient sleep, palliate symptoms with pills, or eat the wrong foods.  As we age, our bodies change in significant ways.  Beyond the usual life states, we may become more susceptible to infection or allergy.  Many of the symptoms we treat medically could either be avoided or mitigated with changes in structures are important to our well-being and that the quality of our relationships affects our health - as do our beliefs and expectations.  This course looks at not only the health-care delivery system, but also the political and economic landscape in which it operates.  Students will learn about their bodies, the history of medicine (particularly as it relates to differences between standard Western and alternative models), and how politics and culture play an important role in who gets access.


COR3100, COR3146

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