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HSC4235 Science and Spirituality

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The journey of the intellect and the heart, each of which seeks to find the experience the deepest truths of our existence, have most often not even dialogued with one another.  They are now finding mutual ground and communicating with (and learning from) one another.  Through their appraoches are very different (as different as the mind is from the heart), they are complementing and reinforcing understandings and we are the wiser for it.  This course will explore quantum physics, parapsychology, and the perennial philosophical and mystical disciplines - plus astrology, which might inform one another.  The coursework includes readings on the New Physics - and embraces a living systems perspective on the mystery of spirit.  The coursework also takes readings from the paranormal, mystical, and philosophical perspectives in looking at the aspects of a common reality, and moving toward a new paradigm.  Hybrid format.


COR3100, COR3146

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