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HSC4227 Health Behavior Theory & Health Education

Course Description

This course examines the intersection between lifestyles and health behaviors as they relate to disease risk and health outcome.  Health beliefs will be explored in the process of determining ways of understanding what causes people to adopt a healthy lifestyle or change a risky health-related behavior.  Research has determined that individual characteristics in lifestyles and health behaviors are among the most significant contributors linked to health problems worldwide.  However, these questions continue to challenge public health professionals as they endeavor to identify ways of addressing disparities in disease risk, morbidity, and mortality.  This course examines the theoretical constructs of health theory.  Students will examine the process associated with health behavior change and overcoming modifiable characteristics associated with disease risk.  Through this course, students will understand the components of health behavior theory and the application of theory in health education and health promotion.


COR3100, COR3146, HSC4105

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