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HSC4220 Bioethics: Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine

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As technology increases our ability to intervene in the course of natural events, the question arises as whether we ought to.  Beyond the controversial wearing of eyeglasses or using a cane or hearing aid, we enter the problematic realm of xenogenic organ transplantation, animal experimentation, mechanical prosthesis, cosmetic surgery, gene manipulation, in vitro fertilization, surrogacy, life extension, and euthanasia.  Selective breeding and the notion of eugenics has been around for centuries, but now we have the means to effect great change rapidly.  This course considers the far-reaching impact of such tampering and also explores potential costs and benefits within the context of fairness and access with a mind to counseling individuals faced with such dilemmas.  Hybrid format.


COR3100, COR3146, HSC4105

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