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HSC4117 Race, Class, Gender and Health Disparities

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Race, gender and class differences in health risk, health access and health outcome are described as health inequalities.  You may ask, exactly, what defines health inequalities or health disparities?  What populations experience disproportionate health risk?  What are the correlates of poor health access and adverse health outcomes?  What casues disparities in health outcomes?  This course provides a construct for exploring and formulating answers to these challenging questions.  Health continues to be an asset associates with higher education, employment, access to preventive health services and the timely adequate provision of comprehensive health care services.  However, racial/ethnic and gender disparities in health persist even after controlling for the beneficial effects of and advantage conferred by education and economic well-being.  What then might explain these observations?  A study of societal historical and social factors might further elucidate these disturbing health disparities and provide guidance in addressing these health concerns.  Hybrid format.


COR3100, COR3146

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