John F. Kennedy University

Public Health

Department Head: Daramola N. Cabral, DrPH, PA

The Bachelor of Arts degree completion program in Public Health prepares students to enter the health-care field, one of the fastest growing fields, according to the U.S. Department of Labor 2010-11 Occupational Handbook.

The BA in Public Health at JFK University incorporates multidisciplinary approaches to the study of health, illness, and disease in diverse human populations. Offered at our Pleasant Hill campus, this program builds upon a foundation of a liberal education where core courses emphasize critical thinking and interdisciplinary learning. It draws upon the biological, social, behavioral and policy sciences, and focuses on the determinants of health, health promotion, disease prevention, health care systems, health policy, and health technology.

This program offers nurses with an ADN degree a unique opportunity to complete their bachelor's degree and receive priority consideration in applying for the Master of Nursing program offered by the University of California, San Francisco.   Please see the 'ADN to MSN Pathway Program" link on the left side.

Qualified students in the program also can apply graduate-level units toward both a bachelor’s in Public Health and a master’s degree either in Sport Psychology or Health Education.

Public Health graduates are prepared with the essential skills, both theoretical and practical, needed in community public health practice. The program prepares graduates for jobs in public health and for graduate study in public health; health education; health care administration; and business, just to name a few.

Our graduates will develop essential ways of understanding, relating, creating and being that is so vital for professionals, and be prepared to pursue successful careers in a variety of fields, including health education, advanced-practice nursing, public health practice, teaching and mental health counseling. 

For more information about the field of public health and the career opportunities available, please see the links on the right side.