John F. Kennedy University

Criminal Justice Leadership

Developed by an advisory group of law enforcement professionals from across California, Criminal Justice Leadership program is designed to prepare individuals to be successful in entering or advancing in the law enforcement profession.

This unique program integrates courses related to business/management, law, and public administration to prepare individuals interested in careers in law enforcement in federal, state or local agencies, or in the private sector. The program offers a Bachelor in Science in Criminal Justice Leadership that prepares individuals for positions as administrators of community, non-profit and other institutional programs related to social justice and community development.

Students may earn up to 30 quarter units of undergraduate credit for knowledge gained through work experience and training already received in the law enforcement field. To earn credit, students must take the Prior Learning Course where they evaluate their personal and professional experiences and prepare essays summarizing them. Faculty evaluate these and can award 3-6 units for each content area. Students also receive personalized coaching through the process which individuals have found personally rewarding.

Students who plan to continue on to earn an advanced degree in psychology or business administration can leverage their work in the bachelor’s program toward completing a Master’s degree at an accelerated pace.

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