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Bachelor of Science Completion Program in Business Administration - BSBA

JFK University’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration completion program prepares individuals to be managers in business, government and nonprofit organizations. The program provides a sound foundation in the basic management functions of computer information systems, accounting, marketing, economics, human resources and finance.

Through the Prior Learning Assessment program, students may earn credit for previous experience that can be demonstrated to meet academic learning goals, thereby decreasing the amount of time required to complete Bachelor’s degree requirements.

Students may also link to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, which reduces the amount of time necessary to complete the MBA.  For more information about these programs, see listings under "Related Downloads" on the right.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • General Business Knowledge and Management Application: Students will demonstrate knowledge in the following management areas including computer information systems, accounting, marketing, economics, human resources, finance, and basic management principles.
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility: Students will identify and evaluate ethical issues and understand the business enterprise and its work force, from a corporate citizenship perspective, and explain the business related legal and ethical issues and the interdependence between the enterprise operation and the civic community in which it functions.
  • Communication and Collaboration Effectiveness: Students will be able to communicate in a variety of modalities, including written and oral communication, electronic information, and communication systems, while developing communication in a variety of work networks and in a diverse workforce.
  • International and Global Perspective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of business operations and markets and recognize the opportunities and risks associated with a borderless society, while developing skills to interact with diverse, multi-cultural leadership, team members, and customers.
  • Information Utilization and Integrative Problem Solving: Students will learn how to use business tools to gather information, access facts and draw upon resources to make effective business decisions. They will be able to identify, understand, analyze, and make recommendations for business issues.


The BS in Business Administration degree requires completion of a total of 180 quarter units, comprised of the following:

Lower-Division General-Education Breadth (45 units)
COMPOSITION Composition/Critical Thinking and Writing (9 units)
HUMANITIES Must have completed at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)
SOCIAL SCIENCE Must have at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)

Foundational Courses
These courses are not required for all students but are assigned as needed by the Program Chair:
COR 1000 Prior Learning Experience and Portfolio Development (3 units)
BUS 2010 Microeconomics (3 units)
BUS 2015 Macroeconomics (3 units)
BUS 2500 Math for Managers (3 units)

Required Courses
BUS 3002 BSBA Student Orientation (0 units)
COR 3100 Critical Thinking and Writing (4 units)
COR 3146 Information Literacy (2 units)
BUS 3000 Financial Accounting (4 units)
BUS 3020 Business Finance (4 units)
BUS 3030 Advanced Business Law (4 units)
BUS 3032 Essentials of Human Resource Management (4 units)*
BUS 3033 Problem Solving and Managerial Decision Making (4 units)
BUS 3041 Statistics and Research Applications (4 units)
BUS 3151 Principles of Management (4 units)
PLS 3113 Social, Cultural and Political Issues in Business (4 units)*
BUS 3160 Organizational Behavior (4 units)
BUS 3400 Advanced Business Communication (4 units)
BUS 3414 Project Management (4 units)
BUS 3590 Advanced International Business (4 units)
BUS 4005 Marketing (4 units)
BUS 4040 Management Information Systems (4 units)*
BUS 4043 E-Business and Commerce (4 units)


Capstone Course (6 units) **
BUS 4996 - Business Capstone 1 (3 units)
BUS 4997 - Business Capstone 2 (3 units)

* These courses are waived for students who link to the MBA program.

** Students will have the option of applying to and completing the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership certificate in lieu of the Capstone courses.

Optional Specializations
Management Specialization (12 units)
BUS 4058 - Managing Change (4 units)
BUS 3196 - Entrepreneurship (4 units)
BUS 4385 - Cultures and Comparative Management Styles (4 units)

Marketing Specialization (12 units)
BUS 4037 - New Ventures: Market Planning (4 units)
BUS 4189 - Integrated Marketing Communication (4 units)
BUS 4385 - Culture and Comparative Management Styles (4 units)