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John F. Kennedy University College of Law Mission

The mission of the College of Law is to provide a challenging and comprehensive legal education in a supportive learning environment to a nontraditional and diverse community of learners dedicated to the professional, ethical practice of law and the pursuit of social justice.

Our graduates are highly competent and responsible legal professionals who value their clients, who counsel them toward fair, just and creative resolutions of their conflicts and who are aware that the law should not be used as a tool to promote individual greed, unfair results or abuse of the legal system.

Our students and graduates have a strong interest in community service, in promoting social justice and in participating in the legal process in creative and productive ways beyond traditional adversarial models.

Our academic program focuses on the skills and competencies necessary to gain admission to the practice of law and to meet the rigorous professional demands of law.

Our academic program encourages student participation and collaboration and employs a variety of teaching methods to promote a more productive learning environment.

We admit and retain students from varied backgrounds whose life experiences contribute to the quality of the educational program and enhance their ability as legal professionals to respond to the human considerations and values at the heart of all legal issues.

John F. Kennedy University is an affiliate of the National University System.