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Bachelor of Arts Completion Program in Legal Studies


Discover the only Bachelor degree program in Northern California to be approved by the American Bar Association and in which you complete your Bachelor of Arts and earn a Paralegal Certificate* at the same time.

This Bachelor of Arts completion program, offered at the Pleasant Hill campus, fosters critical thinking by focusing on effective written and oral communications as well as specific analytical skills. The Legal Specialty coursework is enhanced by a rich mixture of Bachelor of Arts courses in writing, history, government, and social justice.

*Please Note: Paralegals cannot provide legal advice except as directed by an attorney nor can they establish a client/business relationship or represent a client in court.

Transfer of Legal Specialty Courses
This transfer policy only applies to students enrolled in the Bachelor's degree in Legal Studies.  At the discretion of the Legal Studies department, students may be given credit for other legal specialty courses taken at another school or university provided the course is also offered in this program. To be eligible to receive credit for a previously-taken legal specialty course all the following must exist:

  • The legal specialty course must be equivalent in content, length and nature to JFK University's course.
  • The legal specialty course must be from an ABA approved paralegal program and taken within the last 7 years.
  • The student must have earned a C or better in the legal specialty course
  • The legal specialty course must carry upper-division academic credit.

Up to eight (8) Legal Specialty Courses may be credited towards the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in both oral and written formats.
  • Describe and assess the ethical obligations and limitations of legal professionals in specific factual situations.
  • Conduct legal research, both online and in a law library.
  • Explain the role of diversity in American jurisprudence.
  • Apply analytical and critical thinking skills.


Students must complete a minimum of 180 quarter units to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Legal Studies, including 21 units of core requirements, 47 upper division units in the legal studies area, and 8 units of electives.

Lower Division General Education Breadth Requirements (45 units)
COMPOSITION / Critical Thinking and Writing (9 units)
HUMANITIES Must have completed at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)
SOCIAL SCIENCE Must have at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)

All Courses are 4 units unless otherwise specified.

Core Requirements for Legal Studies Majors (21 units)
COR 3033 - Statistics for Social Sciences
COR 3100 - Critical Thinking and Writing
COR 3146 - Information Literacy (2 units)
BUS 3400 - Business Communication (4 units)
PLS 3002 - Legal Research
PLS 3011 - Capstone (1 unit) (completed in last term of certificate)
PLS 3012 - Legal Studies Capstone (2 units (completed in the last term of the BA program)

(47 upper division units)
PLS 3001 - Introduction to Law
PLS 3003 - Legal Writing
PLS 3004 - Ethics (2 units)
PLS 3005 - Tort Law
PLS 3006 - Contract Law
PLS 3008 - Litigation I
PLS 3009 - Litigation II
PLS 3010 - Legal Technology Applications and Management
PLS 3029 - Civil Evidence
PLS 3033 - Public Benefits Law
PLS 3042 - Employment Skills Workshop (1 unit)
PLS 3111 - Law and Social Justice
PLS 3113 - Social, Cultural & Political Issues in Business

Electives (Select two courses from the following)
PLS 3007 Property Law
PLS 3015 Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning
PLS 3021 Real Estate Law
PLS 3023 Criminal Law
PLS 3027 Family Law
PLS 3031 Intellectual Property
PLS 3035 Immigration Law
PLS 3037 Environmental Law
PLS 3038 Employment Law
PLS 3039 Elder Law
PLS 3040 Internship