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LLM in United States Legal Studies

Applications now being accepted for Spring Semester starting in January 2014.

The John F. Kennedy University College of Law is offering an online Master of Laws (LL.M.) in United States Legal Studies designed for those who possess foreign first degrees in law (who may or may not be working in the legal profession), and other global adult learners, who cannot travel to the University’s Pleasant Hill campus or who are not able to relocate in order to attend JFK University College of Law.

Once graduating with the LL.M., a student will qualify to sit for the California Bar Examination and, when the individual passes and complies with all other admission requirements to The State Bar of California, can practice law anywhere in California, in both state and federal courts.

The online format of the LL.M. program provides students the flexibility to take courses at times convenient to their professional and personal schedules, as well time zones. The online LL.M. program will utilize lecture materials including PowerPoint presentations, videos, audio clips, and documents, that can be viewed at any time by the student. In addition, online dialogues will be scheduled using a discussion forum to provide a way for students to discuss and debate particular topics with each other, and with the instructor.

Courses are taught by the College’s outstanding full-time core faculty joined by impressive adjunct faculty who are practicing attorneys, judges, and current and former elected and government officials, all of whom bring a wealth of practical experience and teaching ability.

For admissions details, contact Michael Pierson at

Program Learning Outcomes

The online LL.M. program’s curriculum is designed for students to become knowledgeable in the following areas.

  • US LEGAL DOCTRINE. Students will demonstrate competency in the fundamental legal doctrine covered on the California Bar Examination, such as Contracts, Torts, Criminal Law, Real Property, Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Business Associations, Community Property, Professional Responsibility, Criminal Procedure, Remedies, Evidence, and Wills and Trusts, as well as in other areas deemed important in U.S. law;
  • U.S. LEGAL RESEARCH. Students will learn effective use of the tools of U.S. legal research in an online format, be able to create an effective research plan, and work through the issue to a sound understanding of the applicable U.S. legal doctrine;
  • COMMUNICATION. Students develop the skills to communicate in written forms with members of the U.S. legal profession in a manner that is clear, logical, well-organized and persuasive, and will be able to verbally communicate legal positions and viewpoints.
  • LEGAL ANALYSIS: Students will be able to apply U.S. legal principles in the assessment of complex legal problems by identifying legal issues and critical facts, apply astute legal reasoning skills, and assess the potential options, solutions, and strategies.
  • PROFESSIONAL ETHICS. Students will develop an understanding the standards professional responsibility required of members of the U.S. legal profession, be able to recognize ethical dilemmas and resolve them appropriately, and recognize the moral dilemmas often faced in the practice of law.


The online program is designed to be completed in one year and requires completion of 25 units. 

Courses (See the right sidebar for course descriptions)
Introduction to United States Legal Systems (2 units)
Contracts (3 units)
Constitutional Law (3 units)
Professional Responsibility (1 unit)
Criminal Law & Procedure (3 units)
Advanced Legal Writing (2 units)
Evidence (2 units)
Civil Procedure (3 units)
Property (3 units)
Torts (3 units)


Program Information

Online Education

This program is available online.