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JD-MBA Dual Degree

The JD/MBA program provides graduates with two valuable degrees: a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the College of Law and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the College of Professional Studies. The joint degree emphasizes the values of social justice and community service with a focus on socially responsible business practices and sustainable organizational development and operations.

The degree is comprised of rigorous graduate coursework in both the legal and business administration fields and is designed to be completed in four years.

Students begin their MBA coursework in the Summer Session following their second year of law studies. Over the four-year period, students take all core classes required for the Juris Doctor degree (84 semester units) and all the core courses required in the MBA program (36 quarter units), including the MBA capstone project. The required curriculum is supplemented with a number of law electives relevant to businesses and not-for-profit organizations (e.g., commercial law, tax law, employment and labor law, environmental law).

Students may apply for admission to the JD/MBA program initially or they may apply to the JD program first and then apply for the joint program during their first or second year of law school. For students already in the law program, a minimum grade point average of 75 is required for admission to the joint degree program. (Students may be conditionally accepted into the joint degree program pending receipt of grades.)

Program Learning Outcomes

The benefits of this joint degree program include:

  • Decreases time and money spent in school to earn two degrees.
  • Enhances convenience with MBA courses available online.
  • Provides exposure to diverse professional disciplines with different professional worldviews, analytical vantage points and work experiences.
  • Offers increased career options upon graduation, as well as for mid-career transitions and advancement.
  • Creates opportunities to enhance leadership and teamwork skills and envision how business and legal professionals collaborate.


4-Year JD/MBA Program Curriculum**

Year 1: Law Studies (Fall/Spring)
Civil Procedure
Legal Methods
Criminal Law
Legal Research and Writing
Electronic Research (Summer)

Year 2: Law Studies/MBA
Constitutional Law
Real Property
Criminal Procedure
Law Elective of Choice (Fall)*
Managerial Economics (Summer)
Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social
Responsibility (Summer)

Year 3: Law/MBA Studies
Wills and Trusts (Fall)
Community Property (Spring)
Law Electives of Choice (Fall, Spring, & Summer)*
Systems Approach to Business Models & Management(Fall)
Visionary Leadership & Sustainability (Fall)
Leading a Global Workforce (Fall)
Organizational Communications & Team Development(Winter)
Management Information Systems (Winter)
Operations and Supply Chain Management (Spring)
Marketing Management (Spring)

Year 4: Law Studies and MBA Capstone Course
Trial Advocacy (Fall)
Professional Responsibility (Fall)
Business Associations (Fall)
Appellate Advocacy or Moot Court (Fall)
Remedies (Spring)
Adv. Legal Writing (Spring)
Law Elective of Choice (Spring)*
Accounting for Managers (Winter)
Financial Management (Spring)
MBA Capstone: Business Strategy and Planning(Spring)

*JD/MBA students take five electives. Select from: Federal Income Taxation, Employment Law, Bankruptcy Law, International Law, or courses in other legal topics such as intellectual property, environmental law, commercial transactions, labor tax, and products

** Four JD elective courses substitute for the four required MBA electives.