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Pamela Zimba, JD

Pamela Zimba, JD
John F. Kennedy University

Ms. Zimba is a member of the College of Law’s adjunct faculty and is the supervising attorney for the JFK University Legal Clinic for Elders (LCFE). The LCFE provides qualified law students with an opportunity to represent low-income seniors in court on a variety of legal matters, including temporary restraining orders and conservatorships. The student’s clinical experience includes a seminar component in which students discuss legal issues of concern to all seniors.

Ms. Zimba maintains a private practice in Benicia, representing clients in family law matters, child custody issues, estate planning, and property issues. She devoted eight
years representing 22 families in complex toxic tort litigation in Solano County. She has a background in program development and sales and marketing, which included implementation of marketing projects for Fortune 500 Companies.

Ms. Zimba is a member of the JFK University College of Law Admissions Committee.


BA, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1976
JD, Ventura College of Law, 1986
LLM, Golden Gate University, 2004