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LAW675 Mediation Skills Training

Course Description

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of mediation, including important distinctions among ADR alternatives. Different types of mediation (evaluative, facilitative, transformative, etc.) are explored, with special emphasis on the requirements and qualifications under the Dispute Resolution Practices Act of 1987. In addition, students receive lecture and study material on mediation and practice mediation and negotiation techniques. Students engage in mock mediations, and special emphasis is given to issues of voluntariness, mediator ethics, maintaining confidences and neutrality, listening skills, negotiating and anticipating problems in compliance, and mastering use of court-approved mediation and evaluation forms.

Students may enroll in Mediation Skills Training for two or three units.

  • Students enrolling in the two-unit course must complete only the classroom work described above. Students enrolling in the full three-unit program complete 45 additional hours of work, which involve an orientation with the Contra Costa County Superior Court and mediation or co-mediation of small claims cases referred by the Superior Court, Pittsburg Division.
  • Students enrolling in the three-unit course must receive permission of the instructor prior to registration.

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