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LAW412 Contract Drafting

Course Description

This course focuses on understanding, drafting, and editing several types of business contracts, beginning with the basic components of a contract: the introductory provisions (preamble, recitals, statement of consideration), the action sections (typically, reciprocal promises), representations and warranties, covenants, conditions, “endgame” (termination) provisions, and certain general provisions (also known as “boilerplate”). Students will study how to set up a signature line, depending on whether the party to the contract is a human or non-human entity. In homework and classroom exercises, students practice drafting and editing the components and learn how to combine them to create a complete contract. Students will also study contract formatting options and learn to identify and avoid legalese and ambiguity. In the final few sessions, students will draft various complete contracts, including purchase, employment, license, and settlement agreements.




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