John F. Kennedy University


The mission of JFK University’s Law program is to prepare students to pass the California Bar Examination and to practice law competently and ethically.  The law program offers two degree programs:

  • a Juris Doctor (JD) program
  • a dual JD-MBA program (in conjunction with the College of Graduate and Professional Studies)

The law curriculum and support activities are designed to produce qualified and compassionate attorneys who have a commitment to the highest quality of representation for their clients.

The law program emphasizes a public interest perspective and analytical and advocacy skills, combined with multiple clinical opportunities. Students may select individualized clinical placements with courts, government agencies, public interest organizations and private practitioners, or they may choose to take part in clinical opportunities through John F. Kennedy University.

Each new student in the law program is assigned a faculty advisor, a core faculty member, who meets with the student during the first semester to facilitate a transition to law school. The faculty member remains available throughout the students’ years of study to help with issues relating to study, exam-taking, career questions, and more.

Individuals interested in obtaining a law degree, but who have not yet completed their Bachelor's degree, are encouraged to consider the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies program offered in JFK University College of Undergraduate Studies. This program, which is approved by the American Bar Association, provides excellent preparation for law school as well as the opportunity to earn a paralegal certificate at the same time.