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Solt Evans LEAP Project

Life Enhancement through Athletic & Academic Participation

The Mission of the Solt Evans LEAP Project

The mission of the LEAP project is to help at-risk children and adolescents to succeed in school and life – empowering them to make sound, thoughtful decisions. LEAP uses sport participation as a catalyst to help youth learn more effective life skills and coping techniques.

Through participation in the LEAP project, youth learn sport psychology techniques and team building in a supportive environment of positive reinforcement. Rather than focusing simply on sports, youth learn to use sport psychology to improve their life skills and develop respect for themselves and others.

The LEAP Project provides a bridge to opportunity by helping youth:

  • Improve personal decision making
  • Recognize choices have consequences
  • Promote personal responsibility and accountability
  • Improve positive self-concept, self-worth and self-confidence
  • Learn skills to deal with anger and frustration in appropriate ways
  • Learn to work together to solve problems
  • Learn the discipline necessary to be successful in sports, school and life

Who LEAP Works With

Student Athletes
The LEAP program works with at-risk high school student athletes on the field and in the classroom. With participation of teachers and coaches, the LEAP program provides students a positive environment where learning is possible — where they can receive academic support and life skills education in the classroom and learn team building skills and sport psychology techniques to improve their performance on the field.

Challenge Camp?
The LEAP Challenge Camp is held at Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility (OAYRF), helping juvenile offenders learn to focus on their future. Through an interactive games environment, the youth have an opportunity to build social, communication, and listening skills; practice problem-solving, decision making, and planning skills; and learn cooperation and appropriate outlets for anger and stress.

Sport Specific Camp
The LEAP Sport Specific Camps focus on working with girls in sports, providing them an opportunity to learn "Mental Strategies" that can be used both in the sporting arena and in their life. Team building, communication and group problem solving skills, positive self-talk and goal setting are the focal points of the Camps. Girls learn these skills through participation in their sport and then apply them to the classroom and their life.

Life Skills Workshops
The LEAP Life Skills Workshops work with at-risk children and adolescents in the Pittsburg, California Community. Through an interactive and non-traditional games environment youth are taught life skills to help them make better choices and navigate the obstacles and stressors they face in life.

How the LEAP Project Works
LEAP teaches proven sport psychology techniques - such as goal setting, relaxation, concentration and positive self-talk - in an interactive and non-traditional games environment of through sports participation and then helps youth apply the techniques to other aspects of their lives.

To learn more about LEAP’s ongoing services in and out of the classroom, contact Sara Robinson at

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