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MA in Sport Psychology - MBA Dual Degree

Program Contact: Dr. Alison Rhodius

JFK University is pleased to offer this unique dual degree program that equips students not only with key skills to be sport psychologists, but also the essential business skills to launch their own business or advance in an organization.

By combining these two degree programs, individuals are able to earn both their MA in Sport Psychology and MBA in three years, if they go full-time.

In the first year, students begin by taking the foundational courses in Sport Psychology. Students will take two MBA courses during their first year. At the end of the first year, students will complete their first of four Sport Psychology internships. In the second year, students will finish their Sport Psychology coursework and continue coursework in the MBA Program. Students will also complete their second and third Sport Psychology internship. In the third year, students will complete their last Sport Psychology internship; their remaining coursework will be in the MBA Program culminating with their Capstone project during the third and final quarter.


All courses are three (3) quarter units unless otherwise indicated. Please check with the individual program pages for any prerequisite requirements.

First Year
PSP 5800A Sport Psychology A
PSP 5815 Performance Enhancement A
PSP 5803A Ethics and Professional Issues in Sport Psychology A (2)
PSP 5819 Social and Historical Issues in Sport (4)
PSP 5811 Counseling Skills A
PSP 5816 Performance Enhancement B
PSP 5805 Psychopathology Assessment (4)
PSP 5822 Team Building
PSP 5826 Cognitive Affective Bases of Behavior (4)
PSP 5804 Assessment Strategies (2)
PSP 5054 Research Methods: Quantitative & Qualitative (4)
PSP 5280 Supervised Field Experience I (4)
PSP 9085 Fieldwork Exam (0)
PSP 9090 Comprehensive Written Examination (0)
BUS 5151 Systems Approach to Business Models and Management*
                    *NOTE: This course must be taken prior to other MBA courses.
BUS 5096 Accounting for Managers

Second Year
PSP 5817 Performance Enhancement C (1-3)
PSP 5812 Counseling Skills B
BUS 5020 Financial Management
PSP 5814 Comprehensive Exploration of Diversity in Sport (4)
PSP 5803B Ethics and Professional Issues in Sport Psychology B (2)
BUS 5152 Information Systems in a Digital Enterprise
BUS 5475 Organizational Communication and Team Development
PSP 5800B Sport Psychology B (2)
PSP 5880A Portfolio A (1)
PSP 5280 Supervised Field Experience (4)
PSP 5880B Portfolio B (1)
PSP 5280 Supervised Field Experience (4)

Third Year
BUS 5008 Operations and Supply Chain Management
BUS 5035 Visionary Leadership and Sustainability
BUS 5040 Marketing Management
BUS 5052 Managerial Economics
BUS 5099 Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
PSP 5280 Supervised Field Experience (4)
BUS 5385 Leading a Global Workforce
BUS 5055 MBA Capstone: Managing Strategy, Planning and Innovation
PSP 9091 Master’s Comprehensive Oral Examination: Sport Psychology (0)
PSP 9100 Exit Meeting (0)

Attendance is required at all meetings during first two years in the full-time program:
PSP 9020 Town Hall Meetings (0)

Attendance is required for each event during the first two years in the full-time program:
PSP 9025A Speaker Series (0)
PSP 9025B Speaker Series (0)

Total units required: 103

Program Information

Online Education

This program is available online.