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PSP5838 Health Psychology

Course Description

In 2001, APA acknowledged the importance of psychology in the promotion of not only psychological health, but also physical health. Since then, Health Psychology (or Behavioral Medicine in medical settings) has become of the fastest growing areas in the APA (division 38). In this course, students will come to understand the nature of, and degree to which attitudes, beliefs, mood, and lifestyle influence the physical systems and vice versa, and how much of this interaction reflects a choice (or not) on the part of the client. Students will be able to better recognize the effects of poor health choices in their own lives, and in the problems of their clients (and their families). They will also acquire knowledge and a set of skills to help themselves and their clients make better, health-promoting choices (medical adherence, habit control, exercise, sleep hygiene, pain management, etc.). Finally students will learn how to individually consult on behavior-health related issues, as well as how to work in a short-term, time limited, team treatment setting.

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