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PSP5822 Team Building

Course Description

The course examines selected topics within the social psychology and sociology of sport.  Particular emphasis will be given to issues related to group behavior and dynamics, leadership, interpersonal communication, the potential of sport to benefit society, and its potential to reinforce existent social problems.  The course offers and analysis of sport as a social institution and the interrelations between sport and societal subsystems, as well as a consideration of the attitudes, values, and behaviors associated with sport.  Students will be encouraged to reflect on their own experiences within sport.  Analysis of contemporary problems associated with sport will be made; such problems include race relations, the traditional and emergent role of women, aggression and violence, and political and economic concerns.  Additionally, students will learn team building and communication skills and strategies that will enable them to effectively work within the current framework of sport in society.  The course will examine the practical and theoretical application of group process and social psychology in relation to working in the field of sport psychology.  The students will gain an understanding of group behavior and dynamics and will be able to use this knowledge with diverse populations.  Students will learn to recognize ethical issues in relation to working with groups and will examine their interpersonal and professional style.

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