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Earn Your MBA

Marty Reed, '00, discusses the benefits of an MBA from JFK University.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration MBA program at JFK University integrates progressive, innovative leadership principles, systems thinking strategies, and global management practices into the traditional MBA curriculum. The curriculum also incorporates employee-centric and work-life balance principles along with sustainability concepts.

Student learning occurs through applied, work-relevant assignments and organization-based projects. The small classroom and online interactive environments are enriched by the faculty who share their professional expertise and unique experiences.

The MBA program is available online or onsite and may be completed on a part- or full-time basis.  A full-time student is able to potentially complete the program in 18-20 months.

JFK University's MBA program offers the following benefits making it distinctive from other graduate business programs.

  • Flexible Admission Requirements. We are interested in the whole person - not just the one on paper. Each applicant is considered on his or her own merits, with previous professional experience valued as a part of what the student brings to the program. We accept GMAT scores; however, they are not required.
  • Specialization Options. In addition to specializations in Leadership, Project Management,  Strategic Management, and Entrepreneurial Leadership, students can customize their own specialization to sync with their own career path or goals.


Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Ethical Leadership Style: Ability to apply collaborative, team-oriented leadership principles in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
  2. Systemic Approach to Organizational Vision, Managerial Practices and Operational Processes: Ability to devise and implement an organization's vision, strategic goals, operational processes, and managerial practices from a systems-thinking approach.
  3. Distributed Diverse Workforce Management Approach: Ability to apply to the management of a diverse dispersed workforce a human resource philosophy that creates a flexible, engaging work environment, and the opportunity for meaningful work.
  4. Transformational Approach to Organizational Learning and Complex Change: Ability to apply organizational learning and transformational change management principles and processes to organizational innovation and growth.
  5. Interdisciplinary Perspective to Problem-Solving Organizational Issues: Ability to proactively analyze and problem-solve issues from an interdisciplinary, cross-functional perspective founded in an understanding of the organization as a complex, adaptive socio-technical network.
  6. Conscious Professional Development: Ability to take ownership of one's professional development and career path as required to prosper in an continuously changing international business arena and virtual workplace.


Courses (48 total units required)
BUS 5008 - Operations and Supply Chain Management (3 units)
BUS 5020 - Financial Management (3 units)
BUS 5035 - Visionary Leadership and Sustainability (3 units)
BUS 5040 - Marketing Management (3 units)
BUS 5052 - Managerial Economics (3 units)
BUS 5055 - MBA Capstone: Managing Strategy, Planning and Innovation (3 units)
BUS 5096 - Accounting for Managers (3 units)
BUS 5099 - Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (3 units)
BUS 5151 - Systems Approach to Business Models and Management (3 units)
BUS 5152 - Information Systems in the Digital Enterprise (3 units)
BUS 5385 - Leading a Global Workforce (3 units)
BUS 5475 - Organizational Communications, Collaboration and Social Networking (3 units)


Entrepreneurial Leadership
BUS 5037 - Venture Capital and the Conversion of Ideas into Business (3 units)
BUS 5263 - Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments (3 units)
BUS 5450 - Emerging Business Models (3 units)
BUS 5483 -Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (3 units)

BUS 5030 - Power, Leader Integrity and Conflict Resolution (3 units)
BUS 5325 - Dispersed Team Dynamics (3 units)
BUS 5025 - Talent and Human Resource Management (3 units)
BUS 5460 - Organizational Culture and Emotionally Intelligent Work Environments (3 units)

Program Management
BUS 5315 - Program Metrics and Measurement (3 units)
BUS 5320 - Enterprise Relationship Management (3 units)
BUS 5325 - Dispersed Team Dynamics (3 units)
BUS 5455 - Design Thinking and Organizational Transformation (3 units)

Strategic Management
BUS 5025 - Talent and Human Resource Management (3 units)
BUS 5315 - Program Metrics and Measurement (3 units)
BUS 5450 - Emerging Business Models (3 units)
BUS 5455 - Design Thinking and Organizational Transformation (3 units)

Program Information

Online Education

This program is available online.