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BUS5055 MBA Capstone: Managing Strategy, Planning, and Innovation

Course Description

The contemporary organization is a strategically managed, information-driven global enterprise that must respond to ever changing markets. Operating in a fast-paced, dispersed work environment, its effectiveness and efficiency is rooted in well-thought out business alliances and partnerships, organization-wide alignment, risk assessment, and innovative problem-solving and decision-making. Using strategic management principles and organizational alignment concepts to integrate the various MBA disciplines, this capstone course builds and enhances professional competencies in business and organizational analysis, collaborative and ethical decision making, innovative strategic planning, and implementation and evaluation of plans. Undergirding this process is an exploration of breakthrough thinking and managing creativity and innovation. The MBA capstone project is completed in this course.


BUS5020, BUS5035, BUS5040, BUS5052, BUS5099, BUS5151, BUS5385, and BUS5475

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