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Master of Arts in Integral Theory

Offered in partnership with the Integral Institute, the online Master of Arts in Integral Theory at John F. Kennedy University is the most rigorous and complete training available in the Integral Model. It is an online program with two four-day residential intensives — one in the San Francisco Bay Area and one in Denver, Colorado.

Pioneered by Ken Wilber, the integral model is a unifying and comprehensive framework, bringing together many discrete disciplines – from psychology to politics, ecology to social sciences, business to spiritual studies – that can be used to develop comprehensive, effective, and integrally informed approaches to specific problems and their solutions.

This 68-unit online program is designed to educate the next generation of integrally informed scholar-practitioners to skillfully apply the integral approach to real-world challenges in a variety of fields. The online program draws students from around the globe and forms the heart of the world’s first integral theory learning community.

The courses, taught by leading integral scholar-practitioners, deliver a practical and theoretical foundation in all aspects of the integral model. Students also gain access to the world’s most extensive integral knowledge library, including subscriptions to AQAL Journal, Integral, and the Integral

The curriculum interweaves experiential learning, perspective development, academic inquiry, integral research, and professional application. Transformational self-inquiry and intellectually rigorous scholarship are emphasized within a highly supportive student community.

Further information about the Integral Theory, the program, and scholarships is available from links on the sidebar of this page.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Integral Theory program will be able to:

Cognitively “see”, effectively communicate, and personally inhabit reality from an integral (AQAL) perspective recognizing the insight provided by the major disciplines of knowledge, from pre-modern, modern, and postmodern perspectives.

  • Observe and communicate from first-person, second-person, and third-person perspectives as differentiated phenomena.
  • Employ multiple methodologies as defined by the quadrants and zones of Integral Theory.
  • Apply the five elements of Integral Theory – quadrants, levels, lines, states, and types – within a variety contexts.
  • Engage successfully in an ongoing Integral Life Practice that exercises multiple dimensions of themselves: body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature.


To receive an Master of Arts in Integral Theory, a student must complete 68 quarter units.

Core Theory
ITH 5005 - Integral Theory: The Five Elements (3 units)
ITH 5006 - Integral Theory: Integral Methodological Pluralism (3 units)
ITH 5009 - Integral Theory: Applications (3 units)

Core Applied
ITH 5043 - Integral Life Practice (2 units)
ITH 5101 - Integral Research (3 units)
ITH 5610 - Integral Final Project (4 units)

Core Integral Courses
ITH 5039 - Developmental Psychology (3 units)
ITH 5047 - Phenomenological Inquiry (2 units)
ITH 5054 - Types: Enneagram (3 units)
ITH 5057 - Multiple Intelligences (2 units)
ITH 5059 - States of Consciousness (2 units)
ITH 5061 - Integral Spirituality (2 units)
ITH 5210 - Subtle Energy Systems (3 units)
ITH 5211 - Perspectives on the Body (3 units)
ITH 5212 - Ecological Medicine (2 units)
ITH 5213 - Cognitive Science (3 units)
ITH 5214 - Intersubjectivity (3 units)
ITH 5215 - Cultural Development (3 units)
ITH 5216 - Social Systems (2 units)
ITH 5217 - Neuro-Religion (2 units)
ITH 5218 - Ethics and Compassion (2 units)
ITH 5219 - Emergence (3 units)

Select from the following courses (10 total units)

Integral Applications Courses
ITH 5300 - Integral Ecology (2 units)
ITH 5301 - Integral Business (2 units)
ITH 5302 - Integral Art (2 units)
ITH 5303 - Integral Politics (2 units)
ITH 5304 - Integral Medicine (2 units)
ITH 5305 - Integral Science (2 units)

Integral Religion Courses
ITH 5400 - Integral Buddhism (2 units)
ITH 5401 - Integral Christianity (2 units)
ITH 5402 - Integral Kabbalah (2 units)
ITH 5405 - Unique Self (2 units)

Integral Inquiry Courses
ITH 5450 - Non-Duality (2 units)
ITH 5451 - Vision-Logic (2 units)
ITH 5452 - Shadow (2 units)
ITH 5453 - Evolutionary Theory (2 units)
ITH 5454 - Love and Eros (2 units)
ITH 5455 - Integral Metatheory (2 units)

Total units required: 68

Program Information

Online Education

This program is available online.