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Master of Arts in Integral Psychology

NOTE: No new students are admitted to this program after Fall 2012.  Students currently enrolled will be able to complete the program and should consult the program advisor or chair for details. Prospective students should contact the Admissions Office.

The 55-unit MA degree in Integral Psychology is an interdisciplinary program designed to educate the next generation of scholar-practitioners to skillfully apply profound psychological insights to real world challenges. The program employs diverse content and multiple modalities of learning to provide studies that broaden socio-cultural, relational, ecological, and global awareness. It also provides an opportunity for students to engage in self-development processes, spiritual inquiry and transformative leadership practices in service of the world.

The two-year program includes the study of human psycho-spiritual development and stages of consciousness in a variety of contexts, including humanistic/existential, cultural, social, transpersonal, and integral. The program also fosters deep understanding and application of interpersonal dynamics, effective communication and conflict transformation skills, as well as the capacity for self-reflection and self-inquiry necessary for personal and spiritual development. All courses integrate academic principles, experiential application, social awareness and personal growth.

The coursework in the Integral Psychology program consists of a core curriculum, as well as elective and professional development courses. At the end of the coursework, students complete a final comprehensive paper that integrates personal experience, academic content and professional goals.

Graduates of the program apply this degree in fields as diverse as education, consulting, coaching, organizational transformation, community development and sustainability work with a global emphasis.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply integral psychology as a comprehensive framework of knowledge to personal growth and spiritual development.
  • Apply principles from different schools of psychology to individual, interpersonal and social situations.
  • Apply integral psychology principles to professional development and career goals in a way that fosters creative insight and transformative change.
  • Apply sacred psychology spiritual practices of inquiry and meditation to daily life.
  • Apply integral methodologies to psychological research and social change.


To receive a Master of Arts in Integral Studies, a student must complete 55 quarter units.

Core Curriculum
IPP 5007 - Fundamentals of Psychology: Principles and Practices (3 units)
IPP 5033 - Living Systems and Creative Potential (2 units)
IPP 5412 - Transformative Leadership, Right Livelihood and Service (3 units)
IPP 5015 - Social Psychology and Social Transformation (3 units)
IPP 5017 - Integral Psychology A: Human Development (3 units)
IPP 5018 - Integral Psychology B: Worldviews and Applications (3 units)
IPP 5025 - Somatic Psychology: Integrating Body and Soul (2 units)
IPP 5027 - World Spirituality: Evolving Paths, Universal Principles (2 units)
IPP 5049 - Transpersonal Psychology (3 units)
IPP 5051 - Integral Research A (1 unit)
IPP 5052 - Integral Research B (2 units)
IPP 5054 - Enneagram Assessment (3 units)
IPP 5349 - Integral Life Practice (2 units)
IPP 5012 - Effective Communication A: Emotional Dynamics (3 units)
IPP 5335 - Diamond Heart: Psychology & Spirit (2 units)
CNS 5284 - Consciousness and Sustainability (2 units)
IPP 5410 - Conflict Transformation: Reconciliation and Renewal (3 units)
IPP 5550 - Degree Completion (0 units)
IPP 5610 - Final Integrative Project (2 units)
IPP 5510 - Psychosynthesis: Psychology and Spirit (2 units)

Professional Development and Electives (9 units)
IPP 5800/02/04 - Leadership for Sustainable Change Courses (15 units)
CNS 5410 - Teaching Practicum A (2 units)
CNS 5411 - Teaching Practicum B (2 units)
CNS 5415 - Curriculum Development (2 units)
CNS 5447 - Advanced Writing and Publishing (2 units)
CNS 5453 - Personal and Professional Coaching (2 units)
CNS 5505 - Starting Your Own Business (2 units)
CNS 5507 - Media and Publishing (2 units)
IPP 5347 - Spirit, Symbols and Dreams (2 units)
CNS 5020 - Archetypal Mythology (3 units)
CNS 5025 - Quantum Approaches to Consciousness (3 units)
IPP 5507 - Seminar in Integral Studies: Sacred Psychology (1-3 units)
IPP 5045 - Integral Inquiry (1-3 units)
IPP 5995 - Independent Study (1-3 units)

Total units required: 55

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