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Leadership for Sustainable Change Certificate

Program Contact: Dr. Vernice Solimar

The Leadership for Sustainable Change certificate seeks to educate and train leaders for sustainable action in service of our planet. The certificate program will direct participants as global citizens to proactively inquire, create and lead transformative changes that are sourced in wisdom, empathy, trust, and integrity, and that affect organizations and communities – both small and large – as well as the environment. This ensures that our highest values become the driving force for principled, creative action in the world.

The certificate combines three residential intensives with online coaching to offer the following unique aspects necessary to achieve sustainable change in the 21st century:

  • Visionary leadership skills that are able to identify and address systemic and root causes of challenges and issues;
  • An understanding of diversity, multiple perspectives, and an integral worldview;
  • Practices for sourcing inner wisdom and power to design new systems and patterns for solving problems and creating new partnerships in organizations and communities;
  • A conscious, full spectrum approach to designing results-oriented projects; and
  • A philosophical foundation based on the Earth Charter to achieve community well being, ecological integrity, economic opportunity, social justice, and world peace.

The Leadership for Sustainable Change certificate program offers individuals the unique opportunity to work on a specific project during the course of the program. Individuals can come with an idea for a project or a project already underway that will or can lead to a sustainable, beneficial change to a group, organization, community or the environment. Over the course of the program, participants will be able to design or re-design and begin implementation of their projects based on the certificate’s principles.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program learning objectives have been designed for participants to enhance and integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of human development and leadership within different personal and professional domains.

At the end of this program, participants will demonstrate:

  • Visionary leadership skills for transformative change and the capacity to empower leadership in others
  • The ability to apply practices that cultivate a conscious, full spectrum approach to sustainable change and that results in greater self awareness, resiliency, accountability, and productivity.
  • Capacity for critical thinking and assessing, identifying and working with different systems dynamics that influence participants’ projects
  • The ability to effectively communicate, advocate, and enroll others in leading and co-creating a new paradigm for sustainable change in the world
  • An understanding of the dynamics of power and emotional intelligence in community building.
  • Capacity to transcend ideological patterns and beliefs, and hold multiple perspectives while aligning highest values to the implementation of projects.


This Leadership certificate program consists of the following three 5-unit courses taken over a period of nine months.

IPP 5800.Y1 - Being Change: Visionary Leadership in Action
IPP 5802.Y1 - Designing Change: Creating Shifts and New Leadership Practices
IPP 5804.Y1 - Leading Change: Actualizing Your Vision and Project

One course is taken per quarter and each begins with a face-to-face seven-day learning session. During the remainder of the quarter, students complete reading, writing and project-based assignments, receive coaching and advising from instructors via email and phone calls, and build an effective and supportive learning community. Course work includes leadership identity, visionary leadership skills, a conscious full spectrum approach to designing projects for sustainable change, self inquiry, and exercises and practices for enhancing compassion, human potential and professional application in the world.

Gainful Employment Disclosure
Per U.S. Department of Education requirements, JFK University provides the following information regarding the Leadership for Sustainable Change Certificate to assist students in making their educational decision.

Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) code: 52.1401
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 11-2021.00
Program tuition & fees: $10,677

Program Information

Online Education

This program is available online.

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