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Master of Arts in Health Education

Program Contact: Ms. Paula Szloboda, RN,MA,MBA

The MA in Health Education program is now accepting applications for Winter and Spring 2015.

The Master of Arts in Health Education at JFK University prepares graduates to enter the exciting field of health education. The field of health education is experiencing a time of significant growth in terms of the number of opportunities available to individuals with a degree in health education

Our graduates work in hospital and clinical settings, schools and universities, and for health care corporations including insurance companies and corporate wellness companies. They are developing, delivering, and managing health education programs. Our graduates also have created their own educational platforms, consulting businesses, and health coaching practices. It is important to note that we are not training students to become holistic health practitioners.

On several fronts, the interconnection among body, mind, spirit, and community is gaining recognition. For example, the latest advances in medical research substantiate the vital role of the mind in determining physical well-being. There is increasing awareness of the importance of other dimensions of health beyond the physical: mental, emotional, spiritual, community, and environmental aspects of health all contribute to our ability to live well.

Our holistic approach to health education offers us the capacity to take an active and essential role in shaping the future of our individual and collective health. This program is designed to provide a dynamic, holistic learning experience in which students learn to attend to multiple dimensions of health and to employ holistic methods in the design, implementation, and management of health education for individuals and communities.

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Master of Arts in Health Education program will be able to:

1.  Demonstrate a holistic approach to health education, addressing body, mind, spirit, and community.

2.  Explain the basic philosophies of health and healing and the basics of diagnosis and treatment (to the level appropriate for health educators) in a variety of modalities of health care, both conventional and alternative, demonstrating an integrative approach.

3.  Demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency in performing basic competencies associated with the professional role of health educator. Graduates will be able to:

  • Assess needs, assets, and capacity for health education.
  • Plan health education.
  • Implement health education.
  • Conduct evaluation and research related to health education.
  • Serve as a health education resource person.
  • Communicate and advocate for health and health education.

4.  Demonstrate knowledge of multiple approaches and frameworks for delivering health education content and services, including:

  • Prevention and wellness.
  • Self-care (as a topic, not a personal practice).
  • Change and adult education.
  • Stress management.
  • Nutrition.
  • Coaching
  • Community-based delivery.



All courses are 4 units unless otherwise noted.

HHE 5001 Introduction to Health Education (0)
HHE 5505 Student Review: Midpoint (0)
HHE 5608 Demonstrating Mastery (0)
HHE 5225 Foundations of Health Education
HHE 5120 Integrative Health
HHE 5140 Culture, Community, and Health
HHE 5145 Health and the Environment
HHE 5155 Foundations of Holistic Nutrition
HHE 5169 Nutrition for Wellness Throughout the Lifecycle
HHE 5158 Models of Change for Health Education
HHE 5500 Educational Methods and Learning Models(
HHE 5512 Mind-Body Approaches to Stress Management
HHE 5200 Research in Health Education A
HHE 5147 Research in Health Education B
HHE 5615 Practicum in Health and Healing (1 unit each, 5 units total)
HHE 5428 Fundamentals of Coaching (1)
HHE 5429 Coaching for Wellness (1)
HHE 5430 Coaching Practicum A (1)
HHE 5432 Coaching Practicum B (1)
HHE 5607 Preparing for MA Integrative Project (1)
HHE 5565 Health Education Service Learning (2)
HHE 5609 MA Integrative Project A (2)
HHE 5610 MA Integrative Project B (1)

Total Units Required: 59

Four (4) Units beyond the degree requirements are required to fulfill the requirements of the Holistic Nutrition specialization.

Holistic Nutrition Specialization Curriculum
HHE 5155 Foundations of Holistic Nutrition (4)
HHE 5169 Nutrition for Wellness Throughout the Lifecycle (4)
HHE 5171 Nutrition for Healing the Body and Mind (4)
HHE 5145 Health and the Environment
HHE 5615 Practicum in Health and Healing:
                    Dietary Planning; Business Practices; Nutritional Consultation Models;
                     Nutritional Consulting and Coaching practicum; Holistic Approaches to
                     Weight and Health (required) (1 unit each - 5 practica total)
HHE 5428 Fundamentals of Coaching (1)
HHE 5429 Coaching for Wellness (1)
HHE 5430 Coaching Practicum (1)

Total Units Required: 24