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HHE5125 Energy Models of Healing

Course Description

This course presents an integrally-informed view from many disciplines and traditions that contribute to understanding how health and wholeness may be defined and worked with in energy terms. We look at energy from the perspectives of thinkers and researchers such as spiritual healers, clairvoyants, quantum physicists, biologists, consciousness and psi researchers, poets, and mystics and create a new framework that can integrate these. We also review some of the most prominent approaches and methods of energy healing, including Homeopathy, TCM, and use of Flower Essences, as well as systems that address the chakras and energy bodies; hands-on, and “spiritual” methods of healing, such as Reiki and prayer. Experiential activities are included, focusing on “perceiving the world in energy terms.”


HHE5225, PHR3405

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