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Health Education

Department Head: Ms. Paula Szloboda, RN,MA,MBA

The Health Education program reflects a cutting-edge understanding of theory and practice in health education from a holistic perspective, integrating body, mind, spirit, and community with a focus on promoting wellness.

The Health Education program strives to develop a cadre of health educators who promote and embody a holistic vision of health both professionally and personally, acting from the highest values, including:

  • Professional ethics;
  • Respect for diversity and commitment to access to health education for all;
  • Interest in integrative approaches incorporating conventional and complementary and alternative (CAM) approaches;
  • Desire to serve and to act as an agent of change;
  • Active and responsible participation in our communities, local to global.

Graduates of the program work in wide variety of health-related settings, including:

  • Health education in traditional healthcare, corporate, and academic settings
  • Employee wellness programs
  • Community health promotion
  • Health communication
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Entrepreneurship in health-related industries
  • Social and health advocacy (non-profit organizations, etc.)

The program offers a 59-unit Master of Arts in Health Education at the Pleasant Hill campus.

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