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Master of Arts in The History of Conflict

The online MA in The History of Conflict has been developed in conjunction with an Advisory Board of historians and military experts and explores the theories of conflict, its societal and cultural impacts, and strategies for response to the ‘dangers’ and ‘opportunities’ in the road ahead.

With an MA in the History of Conflict, individuals will be able to apply historical understanding and analysis to identify and develop strategies for diplomatic and peaceful resolution of conflicts, as well as educate and train others in the field.


Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and admitted every quarter.  The application/admission requirements are available under "Related Downloads" on the right side.

All courses are 4 units.

Theories of War and Conflict
Ancient Warfare
War and Society
Religion, Peace, and Conflict
American Military Conflict I
Nonviolence and Conflict Resolution
American Military Conflict II
Civil Wars
Global Unrest and Peacekeeping
A History of Diplomacy
The Future of Conflict

Program Information

Online Education

This program is available online.