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Dr. Alvin McLean, Jr

Dr. Alvin McLean, Jr
John F. Kennedy University

Dr. Alvin McLean is a clinical neuropsychologist by training. He was on faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine for 7 years and specialized in brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. He established the first outpatient Brain Injury Clinic there and then decided to leave academia and he established the first residential post acute treatment program for acquired brain injury in the Seattle area. Dr. McLean then went on to establish the “Rehab Without Walls”, home-based rehabilitation program for persons with brain injuries which was acquired by NeuroCare and then replicated across the country. Dr. McLean then helped to establish a new company called ParadigmHealth that was an outgrowth of NeuroCare. ParadigmHealth managed catastrophic diseases and injuries ranging from traumatic brain injury to high risk neonates to end-stage cancer. Dr. McLean remained with ParadigmHealth for approximately 20 years until it was sold to the Alere Corporation.

After leaving corporate healthcare, Dr. McLean returned to academic life and is now a professor of clinical psychology in JFK University's PsyD Program where he teaches Cognitive and Intellectual Assessment, Personality Assessment, and Integrated Healthcare. Dr McLean is also Co-Director of the Clinical Training in the PsyD Program.


B.A. Kansas University, 1973
B.M.Ed. Kansas University
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, 1980
Post Doctoral Fellowship, University of Washington School of Medicine, 1981-1983