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PSD7170A Clinical Neuropsychology I

Course Description

This three-quarter long course provides a grounding in functional neuroanatomy and neuropathology in the context of how these are affect cognition, emotional, and behavior. This first quarter emphasizes functional neuroanatomy and evaluation of mental status. The second quarter delves into various Neurophathologies and disorders and evaluation with the WAIS, WMS and other neuropsychological tools.  The third quarter focuses on the various approaches to neuropsychological evaluation, rehabilitation issues, forensic considerations, and evaluation of higher cortical functions.  Throughout the course issues of both the manifestations of various forms of pathology, and the evaluation thereof with diverse populations will be discussed as relevant.  Moreover, students will have the opportunity to undergo neuropsychological evaluation for additional insight and understanding of the process.


PSD7107, PSD7115, PSD7116, and PSD7117

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