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PSD7117 Assessment III/ Personality Assessment II and Lab

Course Description

This is the third of a three course sequence. It is designed to provide the student with knowledge and experience in the area of projective personality assessment. Students will learn to administer, code, score, and interpret the Rorschach using the Rorschach Performance Assessment System. Students will also learn to utilize other projective assessment techniques and the Rotter Incomplete Sentences Blank. Current research in the field of projective assessment will be presented. Multicultural considerations will be integrated throughout the course, and the historical and sociocultural contexts of evaluation will be discussed. Students will continue to enhance their skills in report writing, integrating evaluative data, providing feedback and clinically useful recommendations. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of cognitive, personality, and projective assessment findings within the context of history, mental status, behavioral observations, SES and culture. A weekly lab is also required.



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