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Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is the largest branch of the field of psychology, bringing together science, theory, and practice in order to assess and treat mental health issues. Clinical psychologists can be found working in a variety of settings, including community mental health agencies, college counseling centers, independent or group practices, hospitals, the criminal justice system, research settings, and private companies.

The demand for mental health professionals, particularly those with doctoral degrees, is expected to increase over the next decade. The rise in the number of company employee assistance programs, as well as the overall need for more counseling services as individuals struggle to cope with the pressures of everyday life and work, will contribute to this growth in demand.

The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology at JFK University is designed for individuals seeking the highest level of training to become hands-on practitioners in the field of psychology.

We have created a program with a diverse faculty, student body, and curriculum. Our mission is to train practitioner-scholars who will provide comprehensive and culturally sensitive services to a variety of communities. Our particular focus on multicultural competency sets us apart from other doctoral programs.

Take the next step in exploring how a PsyD degree from JFK University can change your future and that of others in your community.