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Master of Arts in Transformative Arts

NOTE:  The program is not admitting new students for Fall 2013. 

The Master of Arts (MA) in Transformative Arts addresses a growing cultural imperative that art must reassume its integral position in the community. The Transformative Arts program develops the artist's creative work with a focus on healing and personal growth, and integrating philosophical and academic work. It prepares students to become facilitators of positive change in the world through art and the creative process.

Students in the MA in Transformative Arts program have diverse artistic practices and levels of experience. Many have backgrounds in visual arts, but some are poets, musicians, dancers, or performance artists. Some have discovered their creative path relatively recently, while others have been practicing their art for many years. These diverse students find common ground through their investigation of the relationship between inner being and outer work. They share a focus toward service to others through artistic expression.

Specific coursework addresses the practical applications of creativity through group and individual work. Electives provide students the opportunity to explore and grow in their area of special interest to discover their own unique way to use art as a healing force. The focus in all courses is not as much on developing the student’s artist talents, but rather on gaining insights about the artistic process that can be applied as transformative teachers and healers.

This degree culminates with a community arts project in which the student applies the information and understanding gained in the program. A final paper is then submitted, in which the community project is discussed and examined within the context of both the student’s personal experience of the creative process and the academic material related to the activity.

The Master of Arts in Transformative Arts degree can be completed in approximately two years, although students may complete the program at their own pace (within departmental guidelines).

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Artistic Development.. Demonstrates ongoing creative practice and skill development. in transformative arts.
  • Cultural Competence. Identifies artistic, cultural, and historical contexts for creative and professional practice.
  • Professional Development. Demonstrates the ability to facilitate creative and transformative process with others.
  • Academic Achievement. Demonstrate critical thinking, research, and scholarly investigation through writing and oral presentation.




Transformative Arts (12 units)
A&C 5100 - Introduction to Tranformative Arts (3 units)
A&C 5140 - Transformative Arts: History and Culture (3 units)
A&C 5310 - Art and the Symbolic Process (3 units)
A&C 5312 - Creativity and Consciousness (3 units)

Community and Career (17.5 units)
A&C 5160 - Creativity and Change: Business and Community (3 units)
A&C 5230 - Creativity and Change: Education and Healing (3 units)
A&C 5270 - Group Process for Transformative Arts (2.5 units)
A&C 5362 - Professional Practicum A (3 units)
A&C 5353 - Professional Practicum B (3 units)
A&C 5676 - Career Development (3 units)

Studio Arts (18 units)
A&C 5280 - Creative Practice A (3 units)
A&C 5380 - Creative Practice B (3 units)
A&C 5670 - Group Studio Practice*
A&C 5200 - Arts in Action*
*Repeatable courses that must be taken multiple times to total 12 units.

Master's Project (7.5 units)
A&C 5345 - Integrative Seminar (2 units)
A&C 5370 - Portfolio Review (1.5 units)
A&C 5850 - Thesis A (2 units)
A&C 5851 - Thesis B (2 units)

Total units required: 55

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