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Kaleo Ching

Kaleo Ching
John F. Kennedy University

Kaleo Ching teaches Chi Kung as well as bodywork classes at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley CA and has a private practice integrating applied Chi Kung, massage and hypnotherapy. Ching team teaches with his wife Elise Dirlam Ching a dancer, poet, yoga expert and registered nurse. The Chings coauthored Faces of Your Soul, Rituals in Art, Maskmaking and Guided Imagery with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Totem Animals (North Atlantic Books, 2006) and Chi and Creativity: Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist (Blue Snake Books, 2007).


BFA, University of Hawaii, 1977
MA, University of New Mexico, 1980
Certified Lithographer, Tamarind Institute, 1981
Certified Acupressure Massage Therapist, Acupressure Institute
Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Training Institute.