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SPC5621 Somatic Approaches to Trauma and PTSD B

Course Description

An exploration into the complexities of traumatic experience, and will explore the particulars of developmental trauma.  Topics covered will include models of understanding and treating dissociation and fragmentation, the intersubjective field, vicarious traumatization and compassion fatigue as well as working with positive states of experience.  The application of somatic trauma approaches with disaster populations, violence, childhood trauma, and intergenerational trauma will be addressed.  Advanced phase 1 and 2 skills of the trauma treatment model will be taught and phase 3 skills will be introduced.  Students will learn to help clients process, metabolize and integrate personal historical experiences of trauma as well as ongoing challenges with activation.  This course draws on the work of theorists such as Levine, Ogden, Rothchild, van der Kolk, and others.

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