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PSY5231 Clinical Skills Training B: MFT Techniques I

Course Description

An introduction to clinical communication process with individuals, couples, and families.  Students interactively learn practical skills for joining with clients, gathering clinical information in early interviews through use of questions and formal assessment methods, such as the genogram, and the mental status exam, and developing early clinical hypotheses linked to theory-based conceptualizations.  Includes skills such as listening and tracking, focusing on process vs. content, understanding contributing dynamics, mirroring and reflective listening, interviewing individuals, couples, and families, a systemic evaluation of unit(s) of treatment, and managing therapeutic crisis.  Students learn how to recognize opportunities for referral and collaboration, and make appropriate use of clinical supervision.  This course is the second in the three-quarter sequence with PSY5230 and PSY5232.


PSY5115, PSY5156, PSY5230

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