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PSY5230 Clinical Skills Training A: Self as Clinician

Course Description

This course focuses on the person of the therapist with an emphasis on one’s own values, beliefs, attitudes, personal biases, and expectations. Students are invited to examine how their personal history has led up to a decision to enter the field of counseling psychology. Through personal reflections and interpersonal interactions students are also invited to consider how their context shapes who they are as individuals, and impacts interactions between self and other. In this class “context” will be examined as one’s personal history, family of origin, cultural dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religion, and physical ability, as well as community, national, and global realities. Theoretical and experiential learning applies this contextual awareness of self and other to communication and counseling skills.  Through experiential activities, students will gain self-awareness, practice foundational counseling skills, and learn about self-disclosure, as both a tool for effective therapeutic change, and as a barrier to clinical treatment.

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