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Bachelor of Arts Completion Program in Liberal Studies


The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Liberal Studies completion program offered at the Pleasant Hill campus prepares individuals to make creative connections across disciplines, to think and act in innovative ways, and to practically apply their learning in their career and in service to their communities.

Students in the program receive a dynamic education that includes both face-to-face and online experiences. This powerful blend of knowledge, skills, and experiences is highly valued in today’s global workforce and will help our students thrive in a fast-changing world.

In addition, practical, socially engaged applications of course materials are strengthened through courses in Collaborative Problem Solving, Service Learning/Field Study, and the Senior Capstone on integrative Approaches to Innovation and Sustainability.

The BA in Liberal Studies offers an optional specialization in Leadership that can open the door to multiple graduate school and professional opportunities. The 4-course (16 units) specialization can easily feed into graduate programs and professional careers in Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Public Relations, Communication, Law, or Public Policy. The specialization is also relevant to graduate work in Psychology, Social Work, Holistic Studies, and Public Health. For students who do not want to pursue graduate education, the Leadership specialization will add to their employability because, as surveys have indicated, employers highly prize leadership knowledge and skills. The knowledge and skills gained in the Leadership courses will also help students more effectively translate and apply their Liberal Studies education into their careers.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the BA in Liberal Studies will be able to demonstrate proficiencies in the following:

  • Critical and creative thinking and writing.
  • Academic research skills, applying the skills of information literacy in order to identify, retrieve, summarize, and synthesize pertinent knowledge at an advanced level.
  • Analyzing global and multicultural perspectives on ideas, persons, events, and trends.
  • Comparing and contrasting disciplinary, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, and holistic perspectives.
  • Integrating and applying academic learning to complex problems in innovative, effective, and sustainable ways.
  • Collaborating and communicating effectively to solve academic and social problems.


The following courses and units are required to receive a BA in Liberal Studies.

Lower Division General Education Breadth Requirements (45 units)
COMPOSITION / Critical Thinking and Writing (9 units)
HUMANITIES Must have completed at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)
SOCIAL SCIENCE Must have at least one 3-unit course in two areas (12 units)

Core Curriculum (28 units)
COR 3000 - Education, Self, and Community (2 units)
COR 3146 - Information Literacy (2 units)
COR 3100 - Critical Thinking and Writing (4 units)
COR 3303 - Statistics for the Social Sciences (4 units)
COR 3145 - Research Writing (4 units)
COR 3300 - Research Methods (4 units)
COR 4800 - Introduction to Service Learning (1 unit)
COR 4805 - Practicum in Service Learning / Field Study (3 units)
COR 4000 - Collaborative Problem Solving (4 units)

Major (44 units)
LIB 3300 - Social Systems and Policies Around the World (4 units)
LIB 3303 - World Literature (4 units)
LIB 3405 - World Religions (4 units)
PYC 4220 - Cross-Culture Psychology (4 units)
LIB 3415 - Ethics and Social Values Around the World (4 units)
LIB 4100 - Consciousness, Creativity, and Transformation (4 units)
LIB 4115 - Global Economy and Sustainability (4 units)
LIB 4117 - World Cultures and Art (4 units)
LIB 4119 - Global Politics (4 units)
LIB 4121 - History of Science and Technology (4 units)
LIB 4999 - Senior Capstone (4 units)

Optional Specialization in Leadership (16 units)
LIB 4123 - Leadership Models, Theories and Types (4 units)
LIB 4125 - Organizational Communication (4 units)
LIB 4127 - Engagement and Collaboration (4 units)
LIB 4129 - Change and Conflict Management (4 units)