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Bachelor of Arts Completion Program in Journalism and Digital Media

Available Online

Advances in technology and the internet are leading to rapid changes in the demands and nature of the field of journalism. JFK University's Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Digital Media prepares you to enter this dynamic field, providing a solid foundation in the journalistic principles of storytelling, ethics, newsgathering, multimedia content delivery, and comparative history, with a focus on digital media.

The program curriculum integrates traditional forms of media, digital, and emerging formats and content delivery streams. Students will craft podcasts, blogs, and short video pieces, and learn how to utilize social and digital media tools to reach and connect with audiences, tell stories, and gather news more efficiently. They will come out of the program prepared for “Journalism 2.0.” Students will also learn about the responsibility of being a journalist, including the importance of fairness, accuracy, and credibility, and the ethical and legal issues that permeate the field. Students will receive training in how to write for different types of media, as well as practical experience in the field.

By the end of their degree program, students will have built a professional portfolio tailored to their chosen professional course and designed to help them compete in the digital media marketplace. They will be uniquely poised to attain jobs throughout the ever-changing journalism industry, including writing/blogging, social media production, or at a traditional media outlet (print or or broadcast) looking to develop, expand, and make a mark with its digital platforms.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing the Bachelor's in Journalism and Digital Media will be able to do the following:

  • Write focused, fair, well-thought-out pieces for various media platforms in a new media environment
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of constitutional and other law pertaining to the media and the limits of the law
  • Apply ethical principles of journalism
  • Employ skills in the principles of what constitutes news, research, copyediting, and fact-checking.
  • Know how to effectively use audio, video, or other elements to enhance the story and have the audio and visual skills needed to support implementation.


The following courses are required to complete the BA in Journalism and Digital Media.

Composition (9)
Humanities (12)
Mathematics (3)
Natural Science (9)
Social Science (12)

Critical Thinking and Writing
Information Literacy
Comparative Journalism
Digital Media Basics
Digital/Web Journalism 1: Blogging and Social Media, Content Management Systems
Digital/Web Journalism 2: App Development, HTML & HTML5, Coding
Media Ethics
Media Law
Investigative Reporting
Data Journalism
Citizen & Collaborative Journalism
Digital Newsroom