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Expressive Arts Camp

For over 20 years, the JFK University Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology program's Expressive Arts Camp has offered children ages 6-12 the opportunity to experiment with a wide range of artistic media. The visual arts, poetry, movement and drama, as well as music come together to support the unfolding of each child's creative process. 

The staff includes graduate students in JFK University’s MA in Counseling Psychology program supervised by licensed professionals. All staff have specialized training, experience and interest in the area of children and the creative process.

Self-Expression and Creativity

Mask-making and puppetry provide creative focal points and wonderful surprises. Unlike traditional school settings, the JFK University Expressive Arts Camp encourages children to create from the inside out. By tapping into their dreams and imagination, they begin to give form to their feelings and experiences. This multi-modal approach engages children's curiosity and fosters a sense of self.

Parents of past participants love it too!
"Expressive Arts camp helped my daughter love who she is and worry less about what other people think" - Parent of a 12-year-old girl.

"Camp helped my son learn to focus. He came into camp having a hard time making friends and relating to others. He has had many negative experiences in the past. This is the first time he's wanted to come back to a camp." - Mother of a child with Aspergers Syndrome.

For more information:

For the Pleasant Hill camp, call 925.969.3556.

For the Sunnyvale camp, call 408.524.4900, ext. 4917.

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