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Today, health care concerns are global concerns. How we care for our elderly, nurture our children, and provide mental health care services to our growing populations are increasingly linked to the interdependence of our societies. As our interdependence has grown, the need to address the practical issues of providing health care from a global perspective has grown.

To address this growing need, the Institute supports educational activities that contribute to improving the practice, study, and teaching of health care. These programs create opportunities for public and private care professionals and educators to come together to address practical issues of providing effective health services within and across different cultural contexts.

Elder Care Workshop

Since 1995, the Asian Pacific Institute has been the home of the Elder Care Workshop series. These week-long workshops are sponsored annually by the Sun Life Social Welfare Organization of Japan.

The workshop provides an opportunity for Japanese care providers, social workers, nurses and others to share experiences with their colleagues in the United States and to further develop capacity for intentional whole-person practice.

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