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The programs at John F Kennedy University emphasize community service as well as hands-on training. In most instances, students will complete their first field placement at one of JFK University's Community Counseling Centers, located in Concord, Oakland, and Sunnyvale, or at a selected school site in the University’s School Based Program. The second placement may be in an advanced program at one of the Community Counseling Centers, in the School Based Program, or at an approved external site (e.g., community mental health program, residential treatment program, behavioral health care center, etc.).


The field placement component of the Berkeley cohort program emphasizes our overall community service orientation as well as in-vivo training, giving students direct contact with their own counseling clients. Field placements will be made at captive external field placement sites that are geographically convenient to each student. While at their field placements, students will receive both individual and group supervision from licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), or Licensed Psychologists (Ph.D.). As with our Pleasant Hill and San Jose programs, this fieldwork will help Berkeley cohort students amass significantly more hours toward licensure than many other MA Counseling Psychology programs in California.

As part of our commitment to helping students, graduates and alumni meet practicum hours and continuing education requirements for licensure, through ongoing Didactic Training Series that cover specialized topics in the field of psychology. CEUs are available for each session for a small fee through JFK University's Continuing Education and lectures are open to community members and MFT's, LPCC’s, and LCSW's in private practice.


John F. Kennedy University is an affiliate of the National University System.