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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council, the governing body of the Alumni Association, strives to offer opportunities for friendship renewal, financial support of the University, and continuing educational opportunities for all our alumni. We are busy planning activities that promote the energy and diversity that have come to define JFK University and encourage you to visit this website as a portal to reconnect with the University.

We hope that you will join us at upcoming alumni events and encourage your engagement in the future of JFK University.

Amanda Low

About the Alumni Council

The Mission of the JFK University Alumni Council is to engage alumni in University events and activities, foster and support connections among alumni, students and faculty. We serve as JFK University ambassadors in the community at-large, thus promoting the University and creating life-long connections and loyalty among alumni and to the University.

The Alumni Council is dedicated to advancing John F. Kennedy University and to serving its alumni in ways that foster lifelong engagement and commitment to JFK University.


  • Partnership - We are the voice for thousands of alumni and strive to create and maintain strong ties between the University, alumni and students.
  • Advocacy - We provide leadership in fostering alumni commitment and loyalty.
  • Excellence - We honor the excellence and richness of education provided by JFK University, and are committed to supporting the experience for current and future students.
  • Diversity - We support the richness of learning provided by a diverse University and strive to communicate with all JFK University constituencies.

Strategic Intents

  • Engagement - Actively seek to increase involvement by connecting with and engaging more alumni and students
  • Communication - Strive to keep alumni informed about the University and the Council, and to help alumni reconnect with each other
  • Outreach - Promote alumni involvement in University strategic priorities such as student recruitment, career networking, fundraising
  • Community - Encourage alumni involvement with government, business and other external community groups.

John F. Kennedy University is an affiliate of the National University System.