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Alumni and Donor Events

Since its inception, John F. Kennedy University has embraced working adults. To support our mission – and give students an affordable option for advancing their career – we seek to secure the financial strength of the University by lessening our dependence on tuition as a revenue source. To achieve this, the University hosts special donor events and encourages regular giving throughout the year.

Special Donor Event - Annual Kennedy Laureate Dinner

Each year, the University hosts the Annual Kennedy Laureate Dinner to honor  individuals of outstanding achievement and personal commitment to community service. All proceeds from this dinner directly benefit JFK University programs and students who might otherwise not have an opportunity to pursue higher education.

Regular Giving Programs

The University encourages regular giving programs to enhance its operating budget, and looks to donors for specific instructions about how to allocate their philanthropic gifts. JFK University donors and friends make a huge difference to our campus community. Your contributions support:

  • Scholarships and financial assistance for deserving students Internships and student research projects
  • Up-to-date classrooms, libraries, technology, laboratories, clinics, studios, galleries, study spaces and recreation facilities
  • Innovative educational and service programs
  • Faculty development, including scholarship, research and classroom activities

You're making a difference to a greater community John F. Kennedy University has extended its reach, with a commitment to improve our surrounding communities. Concrete examples of how your dollars touch even more peoples' lives include:

Over 75,000 hours of low-cost counseling services are provided each year to the communities of Oakland, Concord/Pleasant Hill, and Sunnyvale to those who can least afford them. This network of John F. Kennedy University Counseling Centers is an essential part of Bay Area mental health services.

Our current student population continues to grow in diversity and in the number of working adults who qualify for some form of financial assistance, making scholarship support vital to their continued success.

Thank you for your continued support.

John F. Kennedy University is an affiliate of the National University System.