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The Internet contains two major types of scholarship information: search sites, where you can enter criteria and conduct a profile-based database search for scholarships that you might qualify for, and sites which describe specific scholarship and types of scholarships. 

John F. Kennedy University does not specifically endorse any of these websites, but we are interested in how effective they are. Please email the financial aid office if you have any comments or suggestions.

Free Scholarship Search Sites

FinAid. An excellent comprehensive financial aid website, with information about loans, military aid, and other types of financing in addition to scholarships. The "Other Types of Aid" page contains lists of scholarships specifically for women, older students, LGBT students, and graduate study. There are also separate sections for law school and business school scholarships.

FastWeb claims to be "the largest, most accurate and most frequently updated scholarship database" on the Web. Registration is required, but is free.

SallieMae. A student loan service also offering a free profile-based scholarship database. The website claims that the database has millions of entries, and that it is updated regularly.

Scholarships and Aid at The Princeton Review. A more commercial looking site, but the profile-based search includes several thousand entries in its database.

The College Board. The Scholarship and Aid section allows you to register to use a database containing thousands of federal, state, and private scholarships.

Scholarship Lists and Resources for Specific Groups
These are some of the many resources available to people of different backgrounds.

Grants and Related Resources, Grants for Individuals. A list from Michigan State University that can be perused by academic level, population group, and discipline. The home page has links to many other kinds of grant resources.

The United Negro College Fund includes a profile-based search of over 7,000 scholarships, as well as information on fellowships and other types of support.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund administers and awards a variety of scholarships to students with Hispanic backgrounds for both undergraduate and graduate study.

American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants, and Awards for Psychologists and Students offers psychology undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to search for scholarships, grants, etc. based on award type, topic area of study and more.

The Point Foundation provides financial support, mentoring and hope to meritorious students who are marginalized due to sexual orientation or gender identity". Support for both outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.

The Heath Center at George Washington University. A financial aid resource, including scholarships, for students with disabilities.

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