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John F. Kennedy University awards a variety of scholarships to its new and continuing students. The criteria and timing of these awards vary; contact the Financial Aid Office at 925.969.3385 for details about the scholarships, applications and deadlines.

Dean's Scholarships
College of Law Scholarships
Scholarships are awarded by the Dean and the Admissions Committee of the College of Law. Contact the College of Law at (925) 969-3550 or for more information.

College of Graduate and Professional Studies Scholarships
College of Undergraduate Studies Scholarships
Details and applications under 'Related Downloads' on the right sidebar.

Diversity Scholarships
Jacqueline Kennedy Scholarship
Alice Walker Scholarship
Details and applications under 'Related Downloads' on the right sidebar.

Community College Transfer Scholarship
The application is available for download on the right side.

Asia Pacific Scholarship (China or Japan

Olga Kendall Scholarship

Susan Boulet Scholarship


Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship

In addition, the Fisher Library has scholarship resources available in its reference collection. Please see Library staff to use these books.


The Department of Museum Studies presents three annual awards to outstanding graduates who are nominated by the Museum Studies faculty members.

  • Joy E. Feinberg Award for Outstanding Leadership in Museum Studies
  • Gail Anderson Award for Scholarship in Museums and Social Responsibility
  • Ted Greenberg Award for Outstanding Contribution to Collections Management