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Certificate Program - Gainful Employment Information

As required by U.S. Department of Education regulations, JFK University offers the following information on certificate programs to assist individuals in making their educational decisions. For information about the certificate programs, please see the 'Useful Links' on the right sidebar.

CIP - Classification of Instructional Program
SOC - Standard Occupational Classification

Graduate Certificate in Exercise and Sport Performance
CIP code: 31.0599
SOC code: 19-3031.03
Program tuition & fees: $17,896

Graduate Certificate in Integral Theory
CIP code: 30.9999
SOC code: 21-1019.00
Program tuition & fees: $16,716

Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies
CIP code: 30.1401
SOC code: 25-4013.00
Program tuition & fees: $23,796

Post Master's Certificate in Clinical Training
CIP code: 42.0201
SOC code: 19-3031.02
Program tuition & fees: $13,176

Graduate Certificate in Leadership for Sustainable Change
CIP code: 52.1401
SOC code: 11-2021.00
Program tuition & fees: $10,677

Undergraduate Paralegal Certificate
CIP code: 22.0302
SOC code: 23-2011.00
Program tuition & fees: $20,616
Median loan debt: $24,999 (09-10); $17,250 (10-11)
On-time completion*: 55% (09-10); 66% (10-11)

*On-time completion is defined the normal completion which for many JFK University students is on a part-time basis.

John F. Kennedy University is an affiliate of the National University System.