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Apply for Financial Aid

The financial aid process can seem intimidating, but the Financial Aid Office is here to help. We have created a student guide with all necessary information required to apply for and receive financial aid. Download the complete guide, or review a highlighted version of the process below.

The financial aid process consists of three main steps:

Step 1: Application
To apply for financial aid you must complete and submit:

A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Apply online – FAFSA on the Web – or call 1-800-4FEDAID to complete your FAFSA by phone. Make sure John F. Kennedy University (federal school code 004484) is listed as the college you will be attending.

B. 2011-2012 JFK University Supplemental FA Information Application to the Financial Aid Office.

Step 2: Review and Verification
Once you have turned in the above forms and you have been admitted as a “regular student” to JFK University, your file is considered “complete” and goes on a waiting list to be reviewed.

NOTE: Financial aid counselors work on applications in date order received. The wait is approximately three to four months for us to determine your Financial Aid eligibility. After we review all of the required paperwork sent to us, we will determine your “need.”

If you are selected for Verification, we will then request a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return.

NOTE: Once you have both of the above forms on file, you also may qualify to receive a “financial aid deferment” for your tuition with the Accounting Department. If you are admitted on a “provisional” basis, you are only allowed one term for a “financial aid deferment.”

Step 3: Award Notification
After your information has been verified and any information has been corrected, you will then be sent an Award Notification Letter which details any grants, scholarships or loans available to you for the academic year. Please review the award letter and call us if you have any questions.

Reminder: This process must be completed every three terms. It is your responsibility to keep track of when you need to re-apply for financial aid.

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